Severed ties

So many with out streched arms-reaching. So many more with hands together whispering words rather than speaking. Praying hoping and wishing for family they've never had, never seen, or never believed was there. Thinking foolish of those disregarding the ones who have more than proven in fact they care. Taking the saying "you don't know what you have til its gone" and obliterating it without a trace. Initiating another, "nothing is free", to be put into its place. Respect is earned not given which is why its so difficult to get and harder to maintain. What's acquired over years in an instant can be washed away like chalk in the rain. But the relation between respect and abandon is not one easily seen for some. Unable to realize when respect is absent the presense of abandonment is left without option or fulcrum. To provide support at points known pivotal in our evolutional push forward. Erasing all possibility for leverage of any type or direction to move toward. So rather than believe or hope that someone or some few will inevitably come to their senses. Seems better to except the lesser of two evils and stop being so relentless. Defenseless a notion to often felt in the wake of anothers actions. Hungering for what once was, left starving without so much as a ration. self preservation becomes primary headlining a once far more selfless list. Fighting a losing battle is not an option no matter how badly the heart insists. When being treated cold by those whom you've always thought of so warmly within. They must be treated like frostbitten flesh removed from what's still thriving, though the most difficult is where to begin. Cutting away people like limbs removing them from the heart the mind and the eyes. No regrets knowing that survival only came through the neccesity of severed ties

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