Seviar D Intro

Seviar D from the East is here to stay,
and I ain't got time to play.
These bitches in my way,
and these haters in my face.
But I ain't trippin cause they tryin to catch me slippin,
but I'm in the club makin it rain tippin these strippers.
Leavin feelin all better,
I'm a cold ass nigga.
I'm a maculent playa,
these hoes likin my big lips.
They kiss them and they fall in love,
that's when I put her on the top and I lay it on her.
Have her moaning,
groaning and snoring till the morning,
yeah they say my life is fucking boring.
Well fuck you, if you don't like what I'm spitting..... good.
I'm on the top, I came from the same hood you niggas live in.
And now you hatin, put our friendship behind you even though I support you?
I'm SeviarD nigga you must not recognize,
I got more swag than you muthafuckas on the street.
I lay it down for you and I pick it right back up,
yeah you need to earn this shit I ain't gonna give it up.
And niggas out here trying to murder me, trying take to me like they did 2pac and bigie.

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