Seviar Soul

The name is Seviar, I build my interior structure.
The logic is inferior, to those we call the seniors.
Everybody wanna hate me, cause my money stacked like the sea.
But between you and me you're all I see.
I look in your eyes, but there's no surprise.
What I see inside, is my true prize.
You look into my heart, it's like a sweet ass tart.
Tell me what you're name is, I'll gladly do the same miss.

My name is Seviar Soul, I build my interior structure.
Th logic is so inferior to those we call the seniors.
Okay I'm very heart felt, I look at you and it slowly starts to melt.
So I hear that love is only an expression,
just to take on the soul's inner impression.

You look at me,
And you say you see.
"I say see what?"
You say the"the truth."

The truth of reality, that sort of speak.
If it's an answer you seek, than you must go deep.

My name is Seviar, excuse my imperfection.
As we slowly reach that intersection,
and we gonna show each other the meaning of affection.

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