Sexual Connection

My love for you is flowing and now my hormones are blazing,
As I wait around to see you again, these thoughts are so amazing.

With those beautiful eyes, sweet lips, and a body so sexy,
There is no doubt at all that these bed sheets will become messy.

I can see me sliding my tongue, from your garden to your neck,
We can do it anywhere, the bed, the floor, perhaps even the deck.

I have a bit of an imagination, and at times I can be a freak,
And I guarantee that when I'm through, your legs will be weak.

Rubbing and sucking your nipples while caressing your clit,
Pleasure is so unbearable that I have to slow it down a bit.

I put your legs on my shoulders and I enter you slowly,
As I look you in your eyes, telling you you're my one and only.

I thrust faster and faster, listening to the sound of your moans,
I go deeper and deeper until you can feel it in your bones.

I transition your form to doggy, and I grab on to your rear,
Then I enter back inside you, you say please don't stop my dear.

We go hours and hours until you tell me that you are sore,
I say "Wait babe hold on, I still have a little more.

I place you on your back, and place my tongue to your clit,
Then continue to suck and lick, til I make that orgasm spit

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