Shaddered memories

I have awakened in my concious trapped trapped inside my visual cortex. This memory is glass shattering it shatters in a million pieces. I spin into these timeless frenzies because your love is absent. Stuck between these everlasting walls that built ancient fragments. Trying to rush back to where my vision is all so clear. But your not there yo are the light I need to get through this physcological maze. My brain is loosing oxygen and our love breeds a main battle ground stuck in my heart. So I mold that shattered memory race through these broken glasses. Leap into heaven where I locked eyes with yours. An oh the storm and pain and sorrow internally got quiet. You pierced my soul crack open my sternum planted Corinthians 1-16:14 right in the center which states "let all that I do be done in love by you". Yo awakened my concious and I grabbed your hand and placed goldden pavement over the glass and I placed red roses down for you to walk on. You saved me from this mindful memory and we walked into a enternal documentary. God spoke as we walked and said you was my beautiful shattered memory.

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