Shade Of Grey

My life is a constant shade of grey, sometimes light or dark
And in this constant shade of grey, it's like a quiet park
No one to talk, no one to tell, forever hard to read
For in my silent shade of grey, I sometimes want to be
Sometimes my silent shade of grey will comfort when I'm down
At other times it's vicious, left wounded on the ground
It's like a temperamental pet that wags when she is greeted
But feeling moody and regressed, it bites the hand that feeds it
It's in this place I often find, I'm at my artistic best
At other times, in fetal pose, I'm in a state of mess
Oft times, when feeling I'm attacked I find in it protection
But fail to recognize when others see a sad reflection
Outside the shade the rules are stern. Be this way, or be damned
Yet in her loving, warm embrace she takes me as I am
But in the end, it is my prayer, in fact it is my mission
That I may never find myself, to these four walls imprisoned

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