A new splash on this canvas, you know I can't stand this.
Strangely enough, I've been acting outlandish.
I'd give everything just to know my own stances.
All that I know is I hope no-one planned this.

It used to be all laughs and fixtures,
now all I have are paragraphs and pictures.
If only I could find a way to make them blur and fade,
blur and fade to lines and shades.

Were our roads separate, or were they intertwined?
The hell I let become your life suddenly became mine.
I re-read all your letters, scoping for reason or rhyme.
And after all the time spent conjuring lines I feel that I'll be fine

Learn from your mistakes, and stare fear face-to-face.
There's always someone watching when you pursue a higher place.
Searching for true colors, but all you get is shades.
To hell with burning bright, I think it's safe to say we'll fade.

What's a wall if you can't peel the paint?
What's guiding light if it's just all too faint?

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