Shades of Blue

In the deep darkness of the morning, silence fills your ears
The streetlights flicker on and off
Not a car drives by, nor a bird chirping
Many of life's questions you ponder over
Only to loop back to the same empty, vacant answer
The truth is hidden
No one will tell what lies beneath the bricks
Looking up at the sky, feeling alone
My how the darkness has grown
Into sheer, sparkling blackness blinding you in it
Not a drop of light shines through the glass window
No reflection to be seen
Just memories of the serene calming in between
A slight blue starts to appear
Slowly turning into a dark, electric-blue shade.
The blue spectrum on display, subtly getting lighter
Until in the distance you see a bright, orange-pink glow
A white moon disappearing, replaced by a bright yellow ball
Alas, it is sunrise yet again...soon, the sky turns pastel blue
Staying that way for hours to come
Until the world rotates over to the moon's night glow once more
Your thoughts unwind themselves unraveling
Where they will end up, no one knows
The darkness brings many things, my friend
Indeed, to br cautious when walking, will you, please?

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