My shadow it follows me
Its has been here with me its where it all began
its my friend
we make faces
run in the sun we'd have so much fun
My shadow it follows me
every once in awhile you fade
i couldn't see you in the shade
Please don't go!
you been with me, you are something God has made
so I prayed
I wonder what is your name
I ask but the silence remain
My shadow it follows me
why shadow do you battle me?
I watch you grow, now I see You've out grown me
we cant be friends anymore you have freed me
I see you no more
My shadow no longer follows me
I am not stronger then before
As I take my last breath, I see a open door
I final realize that we are no more
The shadow from outside
it has come for me,
my shadow it no longer follows me
I am no more

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