Shadow please let me go to bed, the door creek's and i see him instead. Spiders crawl from my window shade's, hands touch me as I lay. Pretend to be asleep maybe it will go away. Block it out there is nothing you can say, hold my legs together tight no matter what happens tonight . Show no emotion, it's not like anyone will believe what happened. 4:02 it's over but what really happened the bed took my cover, the night stold my clothes. The spiders touched my body now i feel so cold. I remember you though, the shadow in my doorway the one who said no one cares about what I had to say. The one who made me scream and covered my mouth. You told me you'd break my neck if I got the courage to shout. The one with many secretes but none I could tell.
Well hear me now and listen well, I am now the one you must fear. I am no longer afraid it's going to suck to be you. See I remember everything you used to do. I am waiting in the dark of night, I will be the last thing you see tonight. I will come for you that you can believe. You will fill my hand over your mouth try not to scream.

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