Shadow in the Corner


I feel alone in t his world as if
a shadow in the corner, obscured by
dissention and deceit
I look within my inner sanctum
& get lost within its catacombs
of dead ends and traps
I try to hide my past by putting on a front
of happiness & laughs, yet I find myself
still within that dark corner cringing
at my emotional outbursts of anger,
frustrations & sorrow
Will there be another tomorrow?
Nothing is guaranteed, so I live life day by day
trying to find who I wish to be today
At 51 years old I am still lost within these
catacombs hoping I have already paved my way
I tried walking towards the light
just to be thrown back into that corner of comfort
Life is easier if I hide, I am that lone wolf
not because I wish to be alone but I do wish
to be left alone
and for that reason alone I am that shadow in
the corner hiding from the light, alone

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