A towering silhouette stands in the misty dark
As he awaits quietly for any signs of spark
His surroundings stood in such serenity still
That he can never be lost at his own identifiable will
A complete awareness of his abysmal sadness
While he roams aimlessly in extensive darkness
He curiously approaches a dainty simmering light
And is blissful to discover it with pure delight
A smile slowly curves on his calm solemn face
As the shadow emerges confidently in the surface
Now both silhouettes gaze curiously at each other
As their mysterious thoughts linger on to their next encounter
Let the ambiguity be unknown as it is the probable illumination
Do what you might and let fate do its magic of adoration
Both shadows now lingering freely in the misty dark
As they walk hand in hand with such shimmering spark

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