The shadow of the dancing girl,
It twirled rapidly away from her,
It slid away from the dark corners,
The shadow of a crying child,
It slid away into the night,
It hopped from streetlight to streetlight,
The shadow of a broken man,
It darted from side to side,
Slipping away from the lonely man,

In the nights cold embrace,
Many began to disappear,
Some started the trip back to their place,

The dancing girl fell with a fright,
She screamed for help and nearly died,
Her shadow ran back just in time,
The crying child's mother ran to hold the little one,
A shadow returned skipping merrily,
Quickly clutching to the shadow of the mother,
The broken man looked around,
He closed his eyes and started to cry,
With a soft blink, he stopped living.

In the nights cold embrace,
Many had disappear,
And many returned back to their place.

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