In the night let us set our shadows free
If we can't be together
at least they can be
With out noise they can slip out with ease
In the moon light they can do as they please
Let them dance on the surface of side walks
Or let them hold hands on the side of walls
Reflect in a the puddles as the rain falls
They can find privacy in the darkness
together in a place where only stars witness
So they can whisper love secretes
We catch watch them pass us by
A magnificent sight one may cry
Each alone we each look out
From our bedroom windows
To see Them go as fair as one goes
passing through street light
Arms wide as it seems they are taking flight
Hand in hand as the dive in the pavement
In a existence where all obstacles are absent
I love you and you love me that's apparent
So is the fact your parents rather you be with another.
So if we can't be together
there is still no reason why our shadows can't be....

H.T Roomy

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