It is in our nature to take things for granted;
many gifts we have deserve appreciation we never show.
I particularly find myself enchanted
with the life of the shadow.
They walk among us each and every day,
but not once do they cross our minds.
I wonder how we're so blind
that we don't see they've been there all along the way.
They're our silent companions, the truest of friends.
Even when in the dark they hide,
the shadows never leave our sides.
They're with us 'til the end.
We walk all over them, but they never show dismay.
We treat them so poorly, without their consent.
To the closed ears, the shadows are silent.
If we truly listened, we'd find they have much to say.
I wish others were like myself so that they'd see
that the shadows help keep this world bright.
For without the shadows, there would be no light.

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