Without your light,
What will happen to the World?
It’s the beginning of June,
And I’ve seen my shadow cast by the Moon.
During the day,
My shadow in the Sun I try to avoid.
I walk the other direction,
So the Sun can’t cast my shadow on the ground.
My shadow in the daytime distracts me,
For I worry too much about what I look like.
At night,
I however find my shadow more intriguing.
I like the woman sitting,
And having her shadow cast by a rock in the sky.
I think about chasing pretty thoughts,
But I see a mind filled with turmoil.
What to do, what to do, what to do?
I’m in a personality dilemma.
You see, the Sun is the planet of my horoscope.
I should feel connected to the rays in my heart.
Since the Sun is actually a star,
Maybe that’s why I run so far away from that grip.
Constantly raining down rays of Sun,
I’m too afraid to embrace that bright of an influence.
The Moon is quiet,
Spreading light into dark silence.
I can handle that kind of light,
Because I can still hide my mind.
But I do wonder a bit,
What will happen to the World without it?

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