Shadow’s Accumulation

Berated in Cold Dark
I thought, think, about purposes
But what is mine, truthfully?
Another movement is your only answer
My All Blood, My Master, why me?
You say your Whispers are truth,
Yet I proclaim them and am told they are lies
I give all you demand, cover nothing of me
Now I hear mine own screams, woes you say you had
That you understand, that were once you,
That won't hurt long, you say
My heart in race for all to end,
A new, unforgiving, alien-feeling meets me,Fear
It grows off who hide, like me, but my choices are none
It thrives off screams, tears, and blood,
It eats and breeds with its companions,
Threat, Shame, and Dread,
They all take the ones I love farther,
My life is for you to others,
Adoration a word too simple,
So true, too true
For love, ears, and arms is why,
Why you take me in there everyday
My life, one of my Figures say, is mine,
But I question its truth
But you know, don't you, My All Blood, My Master

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