Shadows Darkness

At this moment, right now, I feel strong.
The boulders that I carry have crumbled to the ground.
My Shoulders loosen as I breath
and let the light shine through.

The pain, shame, and resentment have shadowed over
my heart for far too long.
At times I face that shadow and let the light shine in.
While other times the darkness from the shadow
pushes down on me, heavy, crushing
my inner thoughts of any light to come.

All hope that leads me from day to day,
kept at a distance but known to my thoughts.
These feelings I keep within me attach to one another
and mold the weight I have carried.

I know now that this moment of strength
will be just a moment, but a moment that will
happen again and again with time.

For the light inside me will shine bright
on the darkness of my shadow and through it my strength
will loosen the boulders and free my soul once more.

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