“Shadows of Yesterday”

You became the noise in silence of the night.
Who broke the diamonds' right.
Every names in the tablets have faded into oblivion.
Toxic thorns reached 'till in mount Zion.

Babbitt deprived the diamonds,
then left with dreadful wounds.
You became my own armor,
yet sweet turned to sour.

A golden troth for an open sea.
I walked in every miles, I treasured thee,
but tidal waves devour me,
no helping arms but tea.

I've sought the stars within,
I found nothing but pin.
Pierced into an exquisite pain!
Worth tried to regain.

I tried to escape the noise of my heart, so I slept in the silent night.
I woke up through the shadows' art, but I’ve lost my sight!
Shadows of my past followed me.
Oh, please leave me, I want to live and be free!

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