Shake me once awake

My once painful graveyard tribulation, bounded shackles leaving me stupidly fighting
a lifestyle institution of wrongful persecution, as if forever trapped by this formidable
incarceration, forced to indulge many unfriendly, frighteningly voices echoing during
my freedom in the dead of many cold nights, the crying of banshee like hysteria
howling within this morbid hallway full of perpetual mayhem, confused while even
babbling periodically, my own words soon formed into foolish jibber jabbering
like moments before this looney like tune of captivity that only further reduces my
own true realm of time, resonating silently from inside this snare of heightening mania,
with no place to find my quiet time moment, nowhere to resist this awful grieving
abnormality, left wallowing in seclusion from inside these invisible walls of mine,
my accursed dispensation, the terminal of my fallen reality.

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    This Poems Story

    When madness borders over the edge of insanity