Shall I run or shall I stay?

Is this bridge the end?
Shall I jump and seize to exist in a moment of time?
Is this it?
Does all the pain of yesterday end today
with the breaking of the morning sun.
I step back from my jumping spot
As a black car races towards me in the distance.
I'm not afraid of what is in front of me.
Being hit would be so much easier than feeling this way
Yet being alive is worth the hope for a better tomorrow
I shall not be disappointed by the pain of tomorrow
When hope doesn't come
if I stay...
What shall they say if I don't move?
What will stand in my way?
Death is better than life.
Yet joy is better than death...
The car drives towards me
with the force of a thousand years worth of pain,
is this black beauty my demise?
The sounds of thousands of different voices echo through my head.
as the car drive towards me
and faster
I stare at it as if I were a deer in headlights
My image reflects in the drivers eyes...
He swerves
Spins Spins...
That black beauty flies of my jumping spot
the driver falls with it
it was almost peaceful,
as the fear in his eyes turns to calm
The realization of the end of pain is enough to accept death.
Death is merely a part of this life.
I watch,
as this kind man who only wished to save me
What shall I do now?
Shall I run? or Shall I stay?

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