Shallow Water

I'm in too deep. I can barely reach the surface to catch my breath.
Isn't it strange how I can't wade in this mere depth?
The beach was so lonely, so I thought "if only.I knew how to swim."
Then I dove in, on a whim, and struggled in the wave.
Am I mad for liking it out here?
It's like one big maze, where each turn is new.
But I'm not drowning out here in the blue.
How could I? It's shallow water, a mere illusion.
I'm not in that deep, it's just confusion.
All those who said I was insane for diving right in,
They don't know what might have been.
If I stayed on that beach, I would constantly stare.
Wanted and hoping to jump in and take the dare.
So now I'm here, now I'm in love.
I guess all I needed was a little shove

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