A new day, they will pay,
anything, to get laid.
Take this pill, have your fill,
replace death with the label of thrill.
Wedding bands now removed,
from selfish hands, disdained reproof.
Go have fun, then you run.
Leaving behind the nothing you've won.
Go have fun, then you run.
Leaving behind all the wrong you've done.
So shallow we are, driven by desire.
Sex, drugs, money, power none of which will take us higher.
Love was pure, once set straight,
now distorted, they only wish, to fornicate.
Feeble minded, shallow hearts,
carried away by a liar's hearse.
Brain dead slaves controlled by chains,
society leads us astray, falling day to day.
Told to live a certain way, we think we have no say.
So, shallow are we, our eyes don't see.
Misdirection, misconception:
This desire to sense higher.
Senseless minds, unseen signs.
Wrong and right not in sight.
Gone away is the light, here to stay is the night
All should be affright, but oh no, its all alright.

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