Shame On Me

A marriage without affection and intimacy. Who was I to think I could change you. Shame on me.
You are who you are. A different kind of shining star. Shining alone on your own.

I thought I could do it. I prayed God get us through it. Now here we are three years long at the point of surrender.

To thine own self be true. I lied to me and I lied to you. Shame on me. I'm truly sorry, but a marriage without affection and intimacy just doesn't feel normal.

I say I need, I want and you'll go get it. Watches, rings, flowers, a car. Gifts of plenty. So many would love to be me.

Those material things. Diamond rings will not hold me tight. Watches fit on my wrist but will not hold my hand. Flowers are pretty but they don't see me. The car will get me from point a to b, but it will not have dinner by candlelight, nor will it kiss me passionately.

So giving with a kind heart. I longed for your affection but the one thing you cannot give, I need. It makes my heart bleed.

I take the blame. Lesson learned. Wisdom earned. We both paid the price. Who am I to change you. Seems I have some changing to do too. Shame on me.

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