Shame on You

Shame on you for ever thinking you can break me.
I am too strong to be kept down.
You are to weak to lift me up.
I will persevere, I will win this fight.
My past is to deep my future just gets deeper.
I am a fighter,a woman and a mother.
You cannot break me!
I was preparing for you my whole life.
I know how to beat you, I know how to leave you.
The future is mine I decide who stays.
You cannot sway my decision.
You made your bed now lay in it .
Without me by your side.
Without me in your future.
Without me to share your memories that you may hold so close.
Do it without me.
We are to different to make it work.
Maybe there is the right one out there for you, it isn't me.
We have come to the last chapter it's time for our book to end.
The words that you have spoken cannot be taken back.
Like a book they are written in my heart forever.
Farewell... to my once love.
It has been nothing but fiction.

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