Shameless Confessions

I AM IN Control OF MY OWN Soul.
IT IS MY Goal TO Keep IT Whole.
ALL MY Power Will Devour Within THE Hour.
I Need A Bath OR A Shower.
Turning MY World Sour.
AN Unbloomed Flower.
I Strayed FAR Away
TO A Place That Portrayed
TO Betray
ALL MY Days.
NOT Just Today.
Damned IN A WAY.
Never Wanting TO Stay.
I DON'T Pray.
Animals ARE WHO I Obey.
Telepathically Their Wishes ARE Conveyed.
Games Aren'T Played.
Furry Friends ARE Holy Vessels.
TO HUG, Kiss, & Nestle.
Everyday TO NO ONE'S Dismay.
Earth IS Where They Should Stay.
TO BE A Mother & A Father
NOT Sent TO Slaughter.
NOT Breeded or Unneeded.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved,

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