Shaolin Swift Crane Throat Punch

The trail my steps are ginger as I tip with my toe, my movement is calculated my chi is full flow, my senses are heightened, my enemies are frightened, for they know of my  legend as I see every fist tighten, like a flash I'm surrounded  60 to 1, their arrogance will cost them when this battle is done, I circle and circle while I hold every stare, waiting for the first warrior to charge  if he foolishly dares, and then i see a young Ronin aproach from my rear, reverse lightning strike lands on the temple of his ear, hes out in an instant but that first blow starts their pace now 666 men charge all red in the face ready to put this old man in his place, as they charge they all fall like a flash one by one, too slow for my flurry to clumsy too dumb, footsteps are eager they fall and they trip, when they meet first my Tiger now Dragon iron claw grip.  I stand on a pile of men how quickly it grows, the rest are stunned with amazement as I work through their rows, every man is defeated as this battle comes to an end I doubt they will ever dare challenge this wise master again!!!!!!!@@

.              GONG

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