Shards of light

Light in shards on the ground

Scattered around like falling leaves in fall

Sharp like glass slicing at my feet

But what if the light was never whole at all

People tell tales of this light at the end of each tunnel

They say it is magical, warm, and kind

But every person I've seen go through every tunnel

They never come back, their bodies no one can find

Rumores are told of mythical beasts

They say they cower in the dark waiting for chances to strike

They are nothing like tigers or lions

But dragons and serpents alike

In darker times I think of going in to see

To maybe be the first to come back to tell the REAL stories

The darkness teases me with insults and flattery alike

But I ingnore the teaseing to dodge the cuts and scrapes that come with these glories

I don't need to cower in fear of losing or dieing

Or in fear of being told lies and myths without fact

All that matters is that I know I'm doing right

The shards of glass like light, are doing nothing but changing how the universe wishes to act

Those who cower are are saved by those who protect

Those who are injured are healed by those who care

Those kinds of relationships, that kind of intimacy

It is more than I can bare

Emptiness... loneliness...

That's what you feel when you're writing your whole life down through the day and throught the night

And that's what you feel when the papers wet with the dark ink of the words of your life are dropped, lost, and forgotten

And when your life becomes lost in the pile of sharp, meaningless, painful, shards of light.

But I know that there is always hope

Always another way out of the confusing darkness

Even if you're weak or hurt

Even if you've become hopeless

Just don't give up

Never think of yourself as a nuisance

You don't have to be a shadow

Even if you're not of complete innocence

If someone knocks you down

Or if your own mind turns against you

Just know you're not alone

Even if you're sticking to every single problem like glue

No matter how impossible it seems

There is someone or even someTHING that will understand in the dark world you see through your eyes

This light I've been describing is Depression, and so many lives have been lost here

So many that take their soul from their own eyes and rip away their own lives

Depression is like shattered shards of light

It is so bright and so obvious

And yet there is one problem

People's eyes overlook it because of their own cockiness

The problem is hard to understand

But some people are scared to admit

Their eyes are blurred with confusion and guilt

Their pain clear on their faces but when people ask what's wrong they say they're just tired and go with it

Even if the pain goes from mental to emotional to physical slices in the skin

With the blood dripping from the wounds to the floor

Even if the painful sting is to much to handle

It's the only way to escape their mind and so knife in hand they will swiftly dive down for more

When you find yourself drawn to the shards of light in these deep dark tunnels

Don't go to it and don't give in to the fall your knees want so you will crash

You don't need that light to be happy or cheerful

You don't need to fall to that light because it's only so bright because it will burn anything that falls to the light to ash

Leave the tunnel to it's own device

There are other choices in for you hidden in the mist

Find something that makes you happy

Your only boundaries are the limits you think are there but don't exist

You can escape the shards to tell the stories like others could not

Push yourself and try to save yourself from all the scars

People only haven't because they gave up before even knowing they didn't have to due to their confusion and guilt blurred eyes

You can be the first to escape the shards

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