Sharing the Love

Something unexpected catches your eye…
It’s the flowers finally blossoming!
The spring season is here!
And it’s mighty beautiful!
It doesn’t matter if you feel alone
My Dear creation of our loving Lord, take a look outside
Gaze upon all He has created out there
Everything you see is what you truly are
My Dear creation of our loving Lord, you are a child of God
This means you have a place in the Universe
Your life was created for you to be the movie director
So relax, create, and delight the World with all your might
Freedom will come your way one day
Don’t let the journey to the buried treasure get you down
You’ll never reach it if that’s all you want
Because what’s important is building yourself to the most
Buried treasure means nothing compared to a heart in growth
Aspired wealth in silver and gold is only a silly mirage
A feeling of love is so much more valuable than either one
The love in your heart never disappears to mankind
Wealth disappears fast like fruitful crops into mold
So make your heart into a beautiful mosaic
When heartbreak turns into hope,
You can start to share the love

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