Sharing is simple, but one must take the time,

The spirit of sharing is a gift so devine.

Is it true?, Can it be? Can Sharing be part of you and me?

Oh! God let there be light ,so the world can see,

The spirit of sharing, is showing love in reality.

If sharing is part of each of us so let it be!

But not just a part, sharing commands the entire heart you see.!

What if you do unto others as you would have them do to you,

Could this be true? Could this be so?

Only those who dare to choose the path will know.

In this world is hate ,despair, and greed everywhere

These feelings are prevalent, does nobody care?


These are all part of life , a part of you and me you say?

One must ask the question ,is this really the way?

Let it be known, that as long as we walk this earth,

In our hearts is the greatest gift of all,

Sharing love unconditionally, truly, a heavenly call.

So take the time to share a kind word or deed

in doing so they will know and you will see it truly can be.

Sharing may begin with just one and when that's done

The sun will begin to shine, for in doing so you have, 

shared the gift so devine so open your eyes, and you see?

Sharing is,

The very essence of humanity.

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