Shark’s Dream

I swiftly, slide, and slip through the water,
My eyes, black as coal,
My gruesome jaws,
With razor sharp teeth,
Stained crimson with blood,
The yellow sun shines on my ominous grey back.

Tiny fish cling to me,
Sucking off dead skin,
I skim through the water,
And feel the tingling sensation.

Seals are my nemesis,
Quick and agile,
They make a tasty meal,
I hate them, they stink,
I wish they would stay,
In one place at a time.

There goes a seal now,
Scared away from my fierce face,
I race after the seal through the water,
And deftly fly into the air for the attack,
But to no avail, the seal got away.

I curse my stupid mistake,
And swim away,
With an empty belly.

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