As it was breaking
At that one gentle moment right before it snaps
She looked at him like he was still the only one
And told him, "I have good news and bad news"
He told her to say the bad news
And after what they went through
To watch it end she said, "Nothing lasts forever"
She looked at him and smiled a little
He looked down and asked, "Then what's the good news?"
And as a tear jumped out of her eye
She said with a choked smile, "Nothing lasts forever"
And then it broke
And it fell into one million pieces
Faster than either of them
Could catch it
With that she walked out the door and cried
He locked the door after her and he cried too
He sat down on his bed
And she drove home alone
And that night neither of them slept
Or ate
Because they loved each other too much they dove too deep
Now it's over and it should not have ended like this
It wasn't supposed to happen like this
And that's all everyone could keep thinking

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