Shattered bleeding heart of love "now leaving smudges of black ink on pages

Have i never thought possible that i allowed myself to break into so many pieces and cry so many tears that all my eyes were , but no more... All my love and all of me i gave to you and yet learning that each time i broke even more, now all my love is now with you and has all left me and i am lost in the darkness that now plagues my whole inner being and now haunts my deepest thoughts , now leaving me empty and drowning in my own pain and feeling cold . The smile's that once played upon my lips that spoke nothing but love for you are silenced and i the once lonely painter of words, that once painted black and white along the walls had learned to paint words of color and a piece of art . i have learned , love , hurt , and happiness because to know love " the true love is to know the utmost pain and drowning in one's own darkness just to see you happy again .thank you.

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This poem is about growing so close to a friend and finding a unexpected love in one another and when caught up in life and each other gets busy and having to answer to lifes demands and having to put two hearts on hold and not being able to spend time with the other like you use to , but yet you are so close but yet so far away . only to say until next time my dear beloved friend.