Shattered & Broken

By Mz.Nola   

How could she be so cold,
to shatter your heart as if It's not of gold.
How dare she leave you so broken
now I'm standing over here hoping.
Hoping I can mend the pieces,
All the pieces of your shattered trust & broken heart.
Shattered & broken is what you are
Now I understand why it's so hard.
Shattered & broken is just the start,
But forgiveness is what you need
for a fresh start.
The thought of you falling in love
with someone new must've had her
determined to ever want to hurt you.
Shattered & broken is how she left you;
But she never even had a clue:
that I've been sitting, waiting and watching you!
I Will be that Gorilla glue;
to come in and sort the jigsaw puzzle
back brand new.
Shattered & broken is how she left you
but baby I'm here to revive you.
I promise to never leave you;
Shattered and broken is how she left you!
But I'm here now let me love you.

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