Shattered Core

Shattered Core
Torment them no more.
Your choice has a door.
A gateway where only the holy may enter.
Witnessed murder from the center.
Corruptive torture at the farms to cattle unarmed.
The killer seeks their pens to harm.
Justice is unconcerned as usual & disarmed.
My peace & well being is alarmed.
Everytime heartache rewinds.

Shield their innocence.
Protect their calves deliverance.
Save their essence.
Guard their bodies.
Be their lifeguard.
The cow butchers are still at large.
Put their life in charge.

Safety needs to be there to send.
Cruelty twists & bends.
Vegans will have to defend.
All the animals killed by these farm employee men.
Don't let them count to ten.
Never let the factory or dairy farms win.
Put them in a date or a pig pen.
Bring the death count to zero.
An angel or a super hero.
Become their one true friend.
A helping hand to lend.
The future doesn't fix a past to mend.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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