Shattered Dreams

Love's promises are often broken
But seldom when true words are spoken.
Your love for me you said was true
I'd give my life I promise you.

Why when I asked you did you say, yes dear.
Why did you make it seem so sincere.
My hopes and dreams coming true at last
Have now been shattered and are in the past.

We talked for hours and hours on end.
I knew in my heart you were my best friend.
Two hearts that shared so many dreams
Are now floating on a downhill stream.

I'll always remember the day we first met.
It wasn't in person but I'll never forget.
We had lots in common to share with each other.
It seemed so easy to talk and not smother.

I sit here and wonder did I do something wrong?
Did I say the wrong things or sing the wrong song?
Whatever it was I hope it won't be,
The end of our love for you and me.

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