Shattered Glass

Watching smoke from the incense and the marijuana meet
Waiting for you to bless me with your presence.
For you I am a damsel, a lover, not only a princess
Your cosmic Queen
Written in the stars
And in my poetry
My faith in us is awkward
Like me when I first grew taller
I stumble through this relationship
And trip on jealousy and affection
I cringe at my desire
And the changes I make for you
I am so stubborn
I won’t budge on little issues
Like my side of the bed
And my views on sleeping with other people
I won’t give you every single broken piece of me
Even though you would do anything to take them
And put them back together again
You love me
You have loved me since the start
You have seen my soul since the first second and devoured every bit I have given you since
You are hungry
You are starving for me and my affection
And I’m so stingy with what I give you
My love is fragile
Easily disrupted
So you tiptoe on glass to keep me
I envy your ability to trust
So deeply
That I won’t cut your feet

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