Shattered Hourglass

Each thought of you brings weight to my breath, with every image of you that flutters rapidly behind my eyes I feel tense constriction deep in my heart. It chokes in your absence, as you are the blood that is my love and my life I feel it becoming clotted, and I am unable to stand.

So on my knees I crawl in a manic state of sadness and rage, screaming silently in a desperate wonder of why you were taken from me. For what reason I will never know why our peace would ever be disrupted, nor will I ever understand why such a blunt knife has been rammed so deep into the very core of my being.

With this loss I have myself become lost, I question the end of the nightmare, I pray to wake up and everything will be okay, although I feel it falls on deaf ears.

The luxury of pleasure is shrouded by the shadow of pain that is overbearing and relentless, I can only hope to carry on but with only one third of my heart still in possession, I feel a certain pointlessness...

My time is fast running out.

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