Shattered Illusion

I'm walking in your presence; you guide me through the haze
I am so in depth by you, simply here to give affection and praise
But in your graceful essence, I find myself rather shy
though I know that with your importance, you will never die
You will always live in me for love is incredibly strong
though tremble I might, I've always felt it all along
this love has no disguise; it is completely revealed
Burned into my heart, it is forever sealed
In a powerful court, there is no kiss and control
but there's the lifetime sensation of love with no parole
We'd be forever intertwined 'til death do us part
And when death do us part, a new life we'd restart
Your intellectual side keeps us on top of our human ability
you keep me well informed in our cell-based facility
What I do for you, I will probably never know
But someday I just know it'll show
yet one thought occurs to me in my mind
In a love this long lasting, will we always be so kind?
Would we fall apart before death comes close?
Would you leave me cold and dying like a withering rose?
If you left me, I don't think I'd breathe again
I'd remain sweetly numb; Lifeless love in the rain
Under the rocks, I'd disintegrate into the mud and roots
Only to be melted down into moldy fruits
Maybe I'm assuming the worst but the thought keeps coming up
But love is the abundant water and I might be spilling my cup
Is this some mistake? Is it an utter misunderstanding?
I don't think I could've predicted this failed landing
Maybe this is what's meant to be; my everlasting loneliness and pain
or maybe in this life, I'm supposed to go insane

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This Poems Story

This poem starts out praising a first love as if like oxygen, comparable to a religious obsession with the concept itself. Nothing but praises and joy, but without the underlying reality of how relationships actually work. Towards the very end, the narrator realizes it's not all sunshine and rainbows and they are unable to cope or comprehend the situation.