Shatteredly Whole

Our present journey finds you and I
Going our separate ways;
Much like melted snow
On the Continental Divide.
Our formative days as a couple
Marked an interconnective flow;
Much like the confluence
Of two rivers into one.
Our erosive family culture
Brought about deciduous losses;
Much like premature leaves
On an unhealthy tree.
Our detour does not denote the end
But a new beginning for union
So long as the fault zone
Is still under His control.
Our navigation from here to there
Seems as unsurmountable
As traversing the Grand Canyon's rims
With a blind guide and lost compass.
Our future horizon destiny
Can with God's help metaphor from
Hazardous waste to natural wonder,
Much like caterpillar and butterfly.
Our culmination is not here now.
The Cultivator is fallowing,
Our heads, our hearts, our souls
From shattered lives to shatteredly whole.

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