She hides her pain and says she's fine,
She'll get through it all and at the end she'll shine

She would cry in private so no one would see,
She was scared and depressed to a certain degree

She was overwhelmed and scared to be alone,
She had to start over all on her own

She put a smile on her face and tried her best,
She dealt with her feelings that made her so stressed

She knew what to do to get past all the hurt,
She learned to recognize her own self-worth

She'll rise to the occasion and come out strong,
She realized who she was all along

She had her family and she had her friends,
She knew they'd support her all the way to the end

She knew that with time her pain would fade,
She was proud of the progress that she has made

She had suffered so much but it did not break her,
She proved to herself to be a survivor

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