She \

She 'The Circle' ....!!!

She's not herself, she's a inversion
she howls psychic
that's not me, that's not my face yet she bring dimple with smile on her cheek.
She laughs courteously, she moves around, she wear dress code, she does make up a lot, she drink coffee, she try to be flawless .
She's what "individual" wants her to be like
Yet she desire to
laugh aloud on the rubbish joke cracked around, wants to sit and feel every wave that touched her feet giving warmth inside,
wants to be in mini yet to be in pyjamas whenever feel like comfy above all the dislikes, too much make-up ,too much filter she wants to be like when she wake up,
she like tea ,even better Kulhar chai beside the road ,around the trees feeling as fresh as air in the sky.
She knows she's not perfect yet she love hide and seek flaunt unapologetically high.
She's sad with a smile, she is angry with sweet voice, she is brave with heartbreak twice, she is curious for new toy, she is awkward because she cried watching a movie last night.
Still she behaves... what "individual" wants her to be like afraid of all the inequalities, chivvy ,criticism, slam, slang ,abuse & only she has to shed tears for every crime & so she want every revenge to be qualified, every hard work to be appreciated.
bent out of shape for Nirbhaya
condolence for Syria
proud of Tara Shinde
vivid like Malala Yousafzai
ashamed of Unnao
and she cry being dualistic for every good and bad happening around, fighting every inequalities for a bright future ahead.
She is a circle ,she can transform, she can destroy ,she can be herself to change the world around.

-Prakriti Roy

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