Yes, she's the break of dawn in the early morning
She's the smell of the ocean breeze
She's the calm waves that ripple to the shore
She's what puts a hard day at ease
She's the feeling of taking walks on cold, crisp mornings
She's the honey in my chamomile tea
She's the sensation of falling asleep as rain cleanses the earth
She's what fills my smile with genuine glee
She's the ethereal beauty of glistening ice caps
She's the sun-kissed body on a Hawaii beach
She's the breathtaking view of the Northern Lights
She's what the heavenly saints of God preach

Yet, she's the wrath of Mother Nature
She's the thawing of permafrost in the Tundra
She's the plume of fire exploding into the darkness
She's the fondness of atmospheric cataclysm
She's the salty tears and bursts of emotion
She's the shriek of earth as its sooty flesh collapses
She's what I spent my whole life on to beseech

She's art.

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