She is getting louder.
She is trying to control my mind.
She wants me to think and do awful things.
She wants me to believe things that are not real.
I am scared of what she will try and make me do next.
What if she succeeds?
I need her out of my head!
She has put me through years of emotional and physical torment.
But I don't remember life before she arrived.
I don't want to imagine a life without her.
She was my secret little companion.
She knew everything and never judged.
She felt the same way I did about everything.
But then it all changed.
The companionship I had with her faded.
She made me do awful things.
Believe awful things.
By each day her power over me seemed to get stronger.
I can't let her consume my mind.
She can't.
I won't let her.
No matter how much I love her, I will not let her take old of me.
But what if I am just not strong enough.
She doesn't think I am.
I'm probably not...

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