It's the boy that nobody notices lingering in the shadows.
He is quiet, like the breath of a sleeping child.
It's the boy who knows the name of everyone,
Yet nobody remembers his.

It's the boy who's been depressed since 10,
And has just turned 17.
To that boy, we salute.
We, the invisible.
We, the minority of a minority.
We, the weak, the quiet, the misunderstood.
We salute to him.

He goes to school in pants to change to a dress at home.
He stands confused when his class is split by gender.
Now he has had enough.
He finally went to his mom to tell her how much he isn't a he.
So we stand tall and salute.

We salute her for being strong.
For being the head lioness.
For leading the younger generation into the light.
Out of the darkness.
She who is Ashley and not Andrew,
We, the noticeable.
We, the strong, the loud, the soulful.

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