Who dares to speak her words and claim it as theirs!?
Not a soul for each one has realized that she will never give a clear and understandable definition of her person.

She's aloof to life itself yet mankind says different and who dares speak against such truth!? Not a soul for neither do they grasp her mental state nor her ground on which she stands.

She's dominated insanity by her actions and who watches her illuding actions day by day? God himself!

He sees her naked and shallow soul and calls out to her "come back my child, I know you grieve but I understand, for you miss who you use to be in my eyes".

And heartless she may seem but truth be unravelled, she will never be that "lady" who praised him day and night and who bathed in his wisdom from his word.

She knows she has succomed to sin, and her soul which she describes to be as black as coal, is actually Scarlett red, the manifestation of sin.

To run away from her image of past hauntings is something yet to be achieved but in her mind she has simply convinced herself that she has escaped pains bondage.

She relinquishes self power to mourning's ways of indulgence in the liquid of forgetfulness.

stumbling feet and scars herself in hopes she'd remove some of the pain that looms her mind which has become a grave yard and who is to speak against such verity!?

Not a soul for they know no such burdens

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