Through the laughter inside, she is screaming
Self-reassurance that she is dreaming
The light she holds onto flared and died
No one was there all the times she cried
A shadow of darkness lurks while perceptions scream
Fooling everyone with a fake smile, she falls apart at the seam
She looks in the mirror to unearth what has taken her inside
Yet her reflection is all she sees every time she tries
Seventeen years, an image of the monster they made
Now stuck in her thoughts, she commences to fade
Wondering why these thoughts cross her mind
When the truth is supposedto be self-evident and hard to find
They drove her to this, and now they dissipate
All she sees are frowns with no face
Longing forevermore to be in another place
Attempting to fight only makes things worse
Feeling the screams of agony on this verse
Carrying the weight of the world on her shoulder
Its not possible for the pain to get any older
This is her life, she's finally taking control
The time has come, she's not gonna take it anymore
Next time she falls, she will pick herself up off the floor
It is her solace; inside herself she can now confide
Since she has embraced her potential from inside
Now once again, she is able to dream
Slowly but surely sewing up her own torn seam
If you hhaven'tfigured out who she could be
The answer is simple:it's me.

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