She keeps her eyes closed,
Sees nothing in sight,
They try reminding her,
It's alright to cry at night,
She won't open her eyes,
Cause she sees nothing around,
People weep for her,
She doesn't hear a sound,
She trusts no one,
Not a thing at all,
Doesn't see them reaching out,
To catch her when she falls,
Trapped in her own head,
She's always so unsure,
She doesn't feel a thing,
And they scream at her,
That it's,
To fall asleep at night,
That it's,
To feel helpless sometimes,
That it's,
To let them see the things that you bury,
That it's,
To ask for help when the world's just to heavy to carry!!

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This Poems Story

Looking through an old phone of mine I still have and found this poem I wrote....I actually think it was supposed to be a song...maybe...I dunno, thought I'd share it though.  I have very little recollection of writing this. And I can't decide if I like it or not. I guess I'll leave it up to all of you.