“She” is watching you
Watching you grow into the young man she’s always wanted you to
You’re semi-smart and get good things out of the blue
But you can’t help but feel “She” is disappointed
Disappointed in your mindset, and how you live life
It may be yours but you’re not living it right
You feel grown with things that you shouldn’t have in your grasp
But life without “she” is a difficult task
You shouldn't be telling people though, they'll probably think you're depressed
Probably think half of your life, you've been a mess
But you're fine, just don't let anyone in on your stress

Having everyone sympathize your situation isn't going to help
But you have to say thank you, cause you know they mean well
You don't have anything from her but photographs
Anything to keep the memory of “she” in tact

Being envious isn't a good look on yourself
But watching everybody have a “she” you can't help but covet
You may have had your contradictions with her but you know you didn't mean anything
You're young believe she doesn't understand your rebellious kid things
“She” herself was once a teen one old chronological part of time
No tea, no shade, she probably had them all in line

Mater-philic may not be a word, but it is what i feel
And the love for your “she” is more than real
It's astronomical, bigger than Jupiter
No one could understand your love for her
She would be so proud of you
You may be doubtful but you know it's true

Okay enough of that, no more spouting out feelings to people who didn't want to know
That's all my time… okay im gonna go

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