She and I

I watched her follow her heart to Texas.
She walked straight into the lions den.
I warned her that she was but a silly sheep.
She went anyway, into his arms she ran.
I watched her suffer mental and physical abuse for two years.
She though it was her fault, that she wasn't good enough for him.
I knew he was a bastard and did not deserve her.
She sat on the cold bathroom floor with a gun pressed to her head.
I slowly convinced her to take her finger off the trigger.
She thought she wasn't worth loving and wanted to die.
I have always loved her.
She cried and begged the Texas Rangers not to take him.
I embraced the happiness I got from watching the police arrest him.
She promised him that she would get him out of jail.
I quickly packed everything we owned into a small suitcase.
She only grabbed the stuffed puppy her mother gave to her.
We ran two miles to the nearest bus station and didn't look back.
We took the first bus out of Texas that was going to New York.
She laughed when we were safely on the bus.
I cried knowing how close we were no longer existing.
We slowly began to heal with time and together we became me.

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